Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mexitaly Tacos!

I bought the ingredients for grilled chicken tacos a few days back, but had to abort the meal. Last night, I decided it was time to act; some of the ingredients had slowly started disappearing--snacking, mostly.

Pulling what was left from the icebox I saw a perfect opportunity to slap some tacos together with the sundry components that survied. A little here, a little there and, Voilà! (Or should I say, Booyawn!) Mexitaly tacos!

Chipotle-Lime Chicken Tacos:

Chicken breasts, cut into strips, marinated in macerated chipotles, adobo sauce, salt, lime, grilled
Pico de gallo - Fresh tomatoes, Onions, Jalapeño, (tad o garlic if you like) cilantro, salt, peper
Farmer's cheese (such as Chihuahua)
Cilantro as garnish
(personally, I can't get enough cilantro, but if you're like Steve D-N, cilantro tastes like nothing. Whatevs, Steve)

So I made four with the chicken and moved on to the more adventurous Italian inspired taco. We like Antipasti (cured meats, caprese salads, marinated white beans, so I decided to use these leftovers to create a taco).

Antipasti Mexitaly Tacos:

Marinated Large White Beans
Prosciutto (four slices)
Asparagus--oiled, s&p, grilled
Fresh Mozz
Fresh Basil
Thinly sliced red onion

I first crisped up about 4 thin slices of Prosciutto--fancy bacon! I set the large marinated white beans to a slow slow, oh so slow simmer in the same pan after removing the meat. (you can get these awesome bean treats at the whole foods olive bar). I grilled asparagus until slightly charred and tender, then compiled the taco, starting with the asparagus, ending with the crispy Prosciutto, all topped with chopped fresh basil.

And Here we go: Served family style--grab it like it's hot.

While I was waiting for the chicken to rest (during which time is reabsorbs its juice, I think the technical term is "Re-suckin' the Juice") I lightly grilled stacks of corn tortillas (stacks of 5 or so) until just slightly steamed. If grilling tortillas, it really really helps to use something that has some kind of fat in it--lardy, it's way better that way.

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