Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blackened Tuna, Basil Rice, Green Beans, and Basil Onion Bread

My Dad sent over his dinner recipe to post up for you all. Looks very good!

Blackened Tuna:

Heat skillet on high heat with tablespoon of olive oil. Salt and pepper the tuna and add blackening spice. I used Cajun seasoning. Just when the oil begins to smoke, add the tune and sear on both side, about a minute for each side. Place in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 6 to 8 minutes to finish cooking.

Basil Rice:

Dice onions, about ¼ cup and place in sauce pan with a little olive oil. Slow cook to soften and then add 1 cup chicken broth, 1 tablespoon basil, and rice. Prepare the rice according to package directions. I used ½ cup of Uncle Ben’s converted rice and after bringing to boil, simmer for 20 minutes. Peal a blanched tomato and dice, also diced olives and stir into the rice when cooked. Let sit for 2-3 minutes.

Green Beans:

Dice ¼ cup onions and smoked ham (or bacon bits). Cook in small amount of oil. When softened, add one can of green beans and simmer until hot. About 10 minutes. Serve with some of the broth to keep the beans warm.

Basil and Onion Bread:

In a mixing bowl, add one cup bread flour, one tablespoon sugar, pinch of salt, table spoon of basil, minced onions, make a well in the bowl. Proof yeast in ½ cup warm water and place in well along with a teaspoon of olive oil. Stir to combine and then roll out on cutting board. Knead for 10 minutes until dough to smooth. Place in warm spot for half an hour. Punch down and knead again placing in small bread pan. Let rise again for half hour and then place in preheated oven at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Butter the top for a golden brown crust.

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